What To Pack For A Day Tour In Halong Bay

What To Pack For A Day Tour In Halong Bay

Halong Bay is not a strange name in Vietnam tourist map, but to have a wonderful trip in this natural heritage, many people still wonder how many are enough to pack for a day tour in Halong. Here are the necessary items we recommend you to bring when visiting this site.

Small backpack

A small backpack is all you need when joining in a day tour in Halong Bay. This is the most necessary thing for travelers when traveling anywhere. Instead of carrying a huge luggage that is very inconvenient to move and take up a ton of time to search and get what you need, a small backpack is a smart solution that you quickly grab your things and come along with you anywhere.

Besides that, it is good to put a few bottles of water and your camera into your backpack because it is a long day to explore many magnificent attractions in Halong Bay that you have no chance to go into the convenience store to buy it.

What To Pack For A Day Tour In Halong Bay

A traveling backpack (via mynomadicbag.com)

Personal documents

Whenever traveling abroad, the personal documents are the must-carry things you must always bring along in case of any bad cases that might happen during your trip, especially your passport. Passport is the only thing that can prove who you are and where you are from, so remember to check carefully your personal documents to make sure that you don't forget or lost it.

Even with the tightest packed backpack, the passport is always the number one priority because without your passport you might not be allowed to get on board your Halong cruise day trip.


Depending on your personal needs, but we highly suggest that you should bring one pair of clothes for a 2-day trip or two pairs for a 3-day trip, and one set of pajamas to sleep at night. Coming to Halong Bay, you will have the chances to do the water activities such as such as kayaking, swimming or diving in Halong, so you should also bring along a swimming suit.

Weather is also a factor affecting your choice of clothes. If you travel in winter (from November to March), you should pack thick and warm clothes. From May to September which is the summertime in Vietnam, so it is suitable for swimming in the cool blue seawater, so you also may want to bring along some shorts, skirts or sleeveless T-shirts.


High-heels or luxurious shoes are not things we recommend to you to wear when traveling to Halong at all because you are traveling and exploring, you have to walk for a long time and go through many rough terrains, sandals or flip-flops are the best way to comfort and protect your foot. We highly recommend you to wear shoes which is simple and comfortable.

You can easily buy a pair of flip-flops in anywhere else in Halong market which is for just 1 or 2 USD. With a pair of flip-flops, sandals or sport shoes, you can completely be comfortable to walk around onboard as well as explore the caves.

What To Pack For A Day Tour In Halong Bay

A pair of flip-flops (via khoahoc.tv)

Water and snack

You should put a few bottles of water into your backpack because when traveling on the cruise, the drinking water provided on board is quite limited or not available in some cases.

Moreover, you also should not spend money on board because everything is highly overcharged. Instead, you can buy everything you need from water to snacks at a convenience store with a right price.

Toiletries and medical supplies

After a whole day of exploring and playing around the bay, it is time to clean up and prepare for a beautiful night. However, many cruises, especially cheap cruises, do not provide shampoo or toothpaste or do supply but with unknown brand names, it is better to use yours to ensure that your body feels the most comfortable.

If you used to stay in a typical Vietnamese hotel, you must have experienced to brush your teeth with a small green bottle of toothpaste which smells and tastes really weird. Therefore, you should pack your own toiletries for your trip.

If you get sea-sick, allergies or respiratory disease but still want to witness the magnificence of Halong Bay, medical supplies are definitely what you must pack for Halong Bay cruises. You cannot easily go to a hospital while in the middle of the sea, and it would take much time to get back to the port.

Electronic devices

The camera is such a must-bring thing if you want to capture the breathtaking sights and save the best moments of your family and friends. So, we strongly suggest that you should bring a modern camera with a new extra battery.

Charging full your battery because there are many breathtaking sights for you to take the photos. It makes sure that you will not need to worry while taking great pictures of Halong Bay. You will be not afraid of missing any good moments because your camera runs out of battery.

You can also bring your smartphone and laptop because most of the cruises are now equipped with free wifi.

What To Pack For A Day Tour In Halong Bay

Camera (via canon-europe.com)

Book or diary

For travelers who just want to enjoy the scene and relax, or those taking a long trip here, if you are afraid of being bored, bringing your favorite books along is a good solution, you can spend your spare time to read a book while enjoying a cup of tea on the cruise and looking at the blue sky and sea. Besides that, if you want to save the best memories in Halong, you can bring along a diary, writing every detail about your adventure in Halong Bay down in your diary would be a very good way to immerse yourself in this poetic land.

Whenever you come, Halong always brings to you the new different things. So, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Halong Bay tour. Thank you!