What makes seaplanes in Halong Bay special?

What makes seaplanes in Halong Bay special?

Some amazing characteristics about seaplanes in Halong Bay. Known as one of the most unique activities in Halong Bay, or even in Vietnam, seaplane tours in Halong Bay attract lots of tourists coming here. Come to Halong Bay right now to experience this unique experience in Vietnam right now.

The most modern jet aircraft

What makes seaplanes in Halong Bay special?

Modern jet aircraft 

Cessna Grand Caravan EX is the most modern American seaplane. The Cessna Caravan C208 EX is registered with VN-B68 and VN-B469 and the latest VN-B466. The aircraft can accommodate up to 12 passengers, with speeds of up to 300 km / h, capable of landing at regular airports and over water.

In June 2014, Hai Au Aviation was the only airline to receive three planes at the Cessna plant in Wichita Kansas and flew to Wipaire Inc in St Paul, Minnesota to install the Wipline 8750 float. Now from California, Hawaii, Marshall Islands and the Philippines to fly to Vietnam.

VIP check-in counter

Travelers who use the seaplane service will not have to worry about crowded at the airport for check-in. On the contrary, customers will be guided by dedicated staff, check-in in a separate area without waiting. In addition, customer information has been prepared, visitors only need to receive the ticket is designed separately completed.

Private shuttle to the parking lot

In Halong Bay daily tours, after completion of the procedure, visitors will be directed to the area where the car waiting to take to the airport plane. A fleet of international and Vietnamese escorts will be waiting at the foot of the plane to welcome visitors to begin a safe and classy journey.

Spectacular view from above

What makes seaplanes in Halong Bay special?

Halong from above

Airplanes with 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers and spacious windows, allowing passengers to enjoy beautiful views from the airplane and capture memorable moments from 150 feet to 3,000 m above sea level.

With a speed of 260 km / h, passengers not only save time traveling to popular tourist destinations but also have a beautiful view of the scenery from the low range, bringing unique experiences for guests. . In addition, you can enjoy the magnificent beauty of thousands of small islands in Halong Bay, enjoy the green view of the plain fields or white sand stretches in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.

The only aircraft in Vietnam to land on Halong Bay’s sea

Sitting on the seaplane, visitors will experience a unique feeling when the plane landed on the water. Unlike other types of civil aircraft when landing on the airport, the airplane brought a little strange but also extremely refreshing, especially when witnessing the aircraft up and down, gliding smoothly on the water. ...

Staff welcome when guests leave the plane

What makes seaplanes in Halong Bay special?

Seaplane in the port

At the end of the tours Halong Bay, the captain and deputy will assist visitors to board the waiting train. You will be enthusiastic and caring staff with cold towels and light refreshments. The staff is available to advise you on travel services in your destination or you can also share photos of your flight. The journey from LZ to the resort will be shortened through interesting stories.

Relax with the leading resort services in Vietnam

Enjoy 2 nights in a green space with private bungalows overlooking the sea at Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa. You will be pampered with unlimited spa services and a romantic candlelight dinner and adjacent waves.

Each bungalow is designed in a rustic rustic cottage style nestled in a lush tropical garden. The main materials for this high-end hotel are beech and coral with the interior of the rooms mostly in classic and liberal style. The Guide, a division of Vietnam Economic Times, has selected Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa as one of the "most beautiful resorts" in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet.

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