Top 4 must-see destinations in Lan Ha Bay

Top 4 must-see destinations in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located in the east of Cat Ba Island with the amazing beauty of 400 large and small islands connecting each other to create a beautiful arc among the bay with immense water. This place with charming beauty has become an attractive destination. Before coming to Lan Ha Bay visitors should pay attention to our website Lan Ha Bay to get more information about top 4 must-see attractions in Lan Ha Bay below.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island is about 2 km from Cat Ba town. Tourists usually take a boat from Beo wharf passing Cai Beo fishing village and some small islands and then getting to Monkey Island.

In the past, the island named Cat Dua Island because the island has many wild pineapple trees which are just to see. People going fishing often pick them to soak with water to drink or to treat diabetes. On the island, there are 20 monkeys taken from many places. Monkeys here are very friendly to visitors. The name Monkey Island then has become popular. With beautiful scenery, Monkey Island has become an attractive tourist attraction in Cat Ba national park.

Top 4 must-see destinations in Lan Ha Bay

The monkeys’ family 

Monkey Island has a circumference of about 3km. This is an island with a sandstone structure formed over millions of years. The winds bring sand, rocks, coral, shell species such as seashells, shells, shrimp, and crab into the foot of the mountain forming a sand stretching for miles. Monkey Island has two arc-shaped beaches: Cat Dua beach 1 and Cat Dua beach 2.

Cat Dua beach 1 is longer with a military camp. This is an ideal beach for tourists when traveling to Cat Ba because the sea water here is extremely blue and clean. The service here includes a restaurant with a leaves roof which tourists can sit, enjoy the sea wind, and enjoy drinks. There are other accomplished services such as swimwear, float, and Kayak cruise renting. In the summer when the beach in Cat Ba becomes crowded, the Monkey Island is the ideal choice for visitors who want to enjoy the full holiday peacefully.

Cat Dua beach 2 is located on the right-hand side of the tiger-shaped mountain. The beach has a large garden with the area of several hundred m2. There are many plants such as wild pineapple trees, maple trees, Si trees, and white apple trees and many different birds. Upon arrival at the Monkey Island, some of the visitors having the passion of exploring will be able to climb up halfway up the mountain, even up to the top of the mountain to view the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay.

Van Boi beach

Together with Halong bay tour, tourists will have a chance to visit Van Boi beach. Van Bo Beach appears in front of visitors' eyes with a smooth white sand beach that looks like a mattress leaning on the beach. Tourists can watch the beautiful scenery with the mountain hills. The mountains together create a mysterious landscape, separated from the bustling life of modern life, so that visitors feel relaxed and comfortable when coming here.

Van Boi beach is not as deep as other beaches and there is noisy buzz like the beaches on Cat Ba Island, Van Bay beach brings a wild look to infinity. The place remains its attraction of nature, the beauty of peace and strange. Therefore, this place is chosen as an interesting destination to "take each other away" to find a peaceful place to live in harmony with the clouds, sun, and sea wind, which makes visitors have unforgettable feelings when coming to this place.

Top 4 must-see destinations in Lan Ha Bay

Swimming on Van Boi beach

Visitors coming to Van Boi beach cannot miss the experience of watching the beauty of the sunset here. The sun goes down in the sea, rolled by the clouds floating, and then disappeared. The scene is like a beautiful painting of marine life, which has been keeping many hearts of visitors. Especially, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the feeling of watching the sea at night. The glittering sky night with thousands of stars together with the sea view creates a beautiful painting.

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village is considered a unique wonder of fishermen. Cua Van fishing village was listed on the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world (2012) by the travel website. The criteria for selecting the villages on the list are ancient villages with charming beauty and traditional culture preservation. The website chose Cua Van because it has the three most important elements.

In Cua Van village, there are more than 300 households mainly living by fishing. The households here make floating houses on the edge of stone islands. The fishing village is located dozens of kilometers far from the shore. There is no noisy sound from cars, only the sound of the fishermen calling each other and the sound on hitting the fishing boat to chase fish after the mountains.

Top 4 must-see destinations in Lan Ha Bay

Cua Van fishing village

The generations of the fishing village live on boats and stick with the sea. They consider the boat as home, the sea as hometown and stick with Halong Bay both spiritually and physically. Children at the age of 4 -5 have known how to swim using the paddle. In the fishing families, all members go to the sea.

These conditions make the people here live together closely. All their activities such as working, living, and spiritual culture are in the water environment.

Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat is considered the most beautiful island in Lan Ha Bay. Nam Cat Island is famous for its pristine nature, which attracts a lot of tourists from many places. Tourists coming to Nam Cat Island will have a chance to enjoy the peace among the vast sea and numerous big and small islands in Lan Ha Bay. The natural beauty here is covered by the green vegetation.

Nam Cat Island also has a white sandy beach with the calm water, the moderate depth which creates a sense of safety for tourists. It is an ideal beach for tourists when coming to Nam Cat Island to swim and enjoy the freshness of nature.

Nam Cat Island is favored by nature, which is expressed through limestone islands surrounding. They create a romantic scene and make tourists stay here forever. The islands here are associated with legendary stories and Nam Cat Island also has its own story.

Top 4 must-see destinations in Lan Ha Bay

Cat Ba sandy beach resort 

The local people tell that this was the place where the fairies chose to play with water and admire the beauty of nature without the fear being bored by other people on the earth because of its peaceful beauty. This story makes the curiosity of tourists who want to discover the outstanding beauty here.

Taking part in many interesting attractions on the trip to Lan Ha Bay will give you many memorable moments when coming to our dear Vietnam. Do not hesitate to contact us on the website Halong bay attractions to get more information about what to see in Lan Ha Bay. Share the post if you find it useful. Have a great trip!