Kim Quy Cave

Kim Quy Cave

The wonder of nature, along with a beautiful meaning existing in time, makes Kim Quy cave of Halong Bay always attractive to anyone who has the opportunity to visit.

Where is Kim Quy cave?

Kim Quy Cave or Golden Tortoise Cave is situated on Dam Nam islet of Halong Bay, with a peak of 187-meter height above sea level.

With many bewitched landscapes, the diverse flora and fauna with archaeological and geological significance, being close to international gateway, Halong Bay is listed as one of the best-known destinations of Vietnam for foreign tourists.

Located in the west of Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay is about 170 km east of Hanoi. Halong city is close to the north coast of the gulf. The total area of the bay is 1,553 km2, including two famous bays of Bai Tu Long in the east and Lan Ha (home to Cat Ba island) in the south. Halong Bay is well-known for not only fascinating natural caves that formed millions of years and scattered across 1,969 islands but species diversity as well.

Dam Bac islet is in the front of Kim Quy cave and the back of Soi Sim islet. The cave is 100m long and 5-10m broad, running in a north-south direction. A narrow way leads to the interior of the cave where a stream flows. The stalactites here are snow-white and lightly hang from the ceiling.

The stone of the Golden Tortoise in the cave

The stone of the Golden Tortoise in the cave

Exploring Kim Quy cave

There is a small road leading up to the top, where water flowed all four season. Inside the cave, the stalactites are being formed white and softly suspended from the ceiling.

The exciting thing in this cave is that compared to other caves, there is a natural light system and colorful lights are arranged around. The sunlight shone on the surface of pond water and then splashed into the stone walls, along with the sound of water dripping like drops of music to blend into the fanciful scenery that made the visitors excited.

And behold, in the innermost compartment, the image of the Bach Dang battlefield appears. There are more than 30 iron stakes of Tran Hung Dao used to plug down the Bach Dang river existing here. The cracked gray-brown ironwood fibers seem to be about to fall, but they are extremely solid.

In fact, these are stalagmites. They are distributed all over the place, densely packed but have clear lines. They are smooth and high about 30-40cm, look exactly like real wooden piles.

The story of Kim Quy cave

Bach Dang battlefield

Bach Dang battlefield

It is linked to an ancient legend of the Golden Tortoise. That was, after having helped Emperor Le Loi defeat his enemies, the Golden Tortoise took back the magic sword he had given him, and swam towards the sea.

Arriving in Halong Bay, it met with so many evil spirits and demons hindering its journey that it remained to do battle. After having defeated them all, the Golden Tortoise was so exhausted that it searched for a cave to rest in, and once inside, turned to stone. Today, in the cave, it can be found dozing, still with old wounds covering its body.

The legends circulating in people's life, remaining the human value until today, have made this stalactite cave more and more beautiful, fantastic.

Kim Quy cave with special meanings becomes one of the most exciting caves in the journey to visit and explore Halong Bay of tourists. Let’s come, experience and enjoy the holiday with Ninh Binh Halong bay tour package to see the beauty of this ancient cave! For further information about what to see in Lan Ha bay, feel free to contact us or visit our website. If you find the place interesting, don’t hesitate to like and share the article with others. Thank you.