How best to enjoy the attractions in Halong Bay

How best to enjoy the attractions in Halong Bay

There is a variety of ways to discover Halong Bay attractions in Vietnam. From kayaking, biking to trekking, etc., all these activities won’t make you disappointed.

Sightseeing with luxury cruises

Halong has several yachts which are always ready to serve tourists. From one night to one week trip, each one has a unique way to bring comfort and class to travelers. The benefit that a cruise gives tourists is the opportunity to relax on luxury yachts in the beautiful Halong Bay, enjoy the delicious food, and immerse themselves in the fascinating activities on board and the sea. The best Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay cruises are La Pinta, Mon Cheri, Au Co, Jasmine, and Starlight cruise, etc.


Another way to have a wonderful Halong Bay tour is to take advantage of the kayaking time to admire the surrounding natural scenery. Visitors can rent a kayak or book a tour to try this activity. Both ways offer an enjoyable experience on the bay, providing guests with a majestic view of the caves and lime mountains emerging out of the turquoise sea. Not only can visitors sail or visit famous destinations but they can also explore the amazing world of marine flora and fauna under their kayak.

Halong Bay luxurious cruise

Halong Bay luxurious cruise

Visiting floating fishing villages

The journey in Halong Bay will be very inadequate without the experience of cultural and local life in many floating fishing villages in Halong such as Cua Van, Van Gia, and Vung Vieng, etc. which hide the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people. Focusing on fishing exploitation and growth, these "floating cities" are home to indigenous people. Admiring the houses floating on the water with many eye-catching colors is one of the best things you should not miss while kayaking or relaxing on the luxury cruise.

Exploring mysterious caves

Visiting the limestone caves is one of the most favorite experiences of travelers in Halong. The limestone mountains and caves scattering throughout the bay are the most beautiful spots that nature offers. Exploring the caves and islands and islands in Halong, visitors have a closer view of the mysterious places around the bay with stalactites and lakes hidden deep inside the cliffs.

With a mysterious factor, exploring the caves will make tourists immersed in the charming beauty of the heart of Halong.

Explore Me Cung Cave

Explore Me Cung Cave

Climbing to Bai Tho mountain top

Bai Tho mountain (or Poem mountain) is surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery, bringing a panoramic view of Halong Bay. Climbing up and moving along the winding paths of the stone steps are not easy. In return, the reward for tourists’ courage is the opportunity to watch the stunning view of Halong Bay - watching the goats freely grazed or the naughty monkeys in the sunset on the water surface.


Although there are a lot of exciting activities on the beach that visitors can participate when traveling to Halong Bay, exploring life under the ocean is an experience that they should not ignore. Along Cong Do island and Van Don island, there are many beautiful coral reefs and marine creatures.

The bottom of the ocean consists of crustaceans, mollusks, fish species, and many other marine creatures for visitors to observe.

Diving in Halong Bay

Diving in Halong Bay

Biking in Cat Ba island

Hiking, climbing, or swimming are great ways to enjoy the beautiful sights of Halong. However, biking in Cat Ba gives visitors a different feeling when riding along the roads, watching more carefully the pristine islands and the opportunity to explore and experience the new things when going through the deserted route and the majestic forests that rare people can experience.

Coming to Halong, travelers can stop for a few minutes watching the blue sea of the jade Halong. Biking offers visitors a flexible and fast journey while they are still able to stop and watch the beautiful sights along the way.


While biking is a quick and flexible way to explore Halong, trekking through the forests and mountains is a great way to experience the winding roads with complex terrain. Let’s prepare good health with a pair of shoes before you start the journey to explore the world. If you’re lucky, you can see a rare hawksbill sea turtle or langur monkey along the way.

With the long coastline, nothing can stop tourists from immersing themselves in the green water to relax in the sunset after a long day of exploring. Finishing this fun trekking practice, visitors will feel like an explorer discovering the new lands.

Halong is a tourist spot charming travelers around the world not only by the beautiful natural scenery but also the fascinating ways and activities to explore those attractions. If you like this place, don’t hesitate to like and share it with others. Thank you and I hope you will have a great time here.