Explore The Poetic Beauty Of Cat Co Cove- The Heaven On Earth

Explore The Poetic Beauty Of Cat Co Cove- The Heaven On Earth

Cat Ba tourism is always attractive for travelers on the sea travel season. One of the most appealing destinations in Cat Ba is Cat Co cove, with its pure natural beauty, Cat Co is called "the heaven on earth." So, please refer to this article to have useful information for your journey in Cat Ba.

Where is Cat Co cove?

Cat Co cove is located in Cat Ba island town, Hai Phong city. To move to Cat Co, you need to rent a motorbike taxi or take a tram from the center of Cat Ba town. If you want to save money, you can also walk because the distance is quite close.

Cat Co is a small beautiful cove Lan Ha Bay which owns three gorgeous beaches including Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3. All three beaches are not too wide but extremely discreet because it is surrounded by mountains and forests. The name of Cat Co sounds very close and simple to the Vietnamese people and of course like the names of other destinations in the country, there is a legendary story associated with that rustic name.

It is said that when the sky and earth are still close to each other, this is where beautiful celestial fairies turn into white herds fluttered down here to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Until now, Cat Co is still the pure beauty of the wild that has not been much impacted by the human.

Cat Co Cove

Cat Co Cove

Cat Co Beach 1

The three Cat Co beaches are connected by a wooden bridge leaning on the side of the mountain. The feeling of walking on this wooden bridge is a delightful experience. Standing on the wooden bridge to witness the panoramic view of Cat Co cove, especially at the sunset when the sun is going down to the horizon and taking the best pictures here to save the magnificent scenes of the sky and sea combination, that’s the wonderful experience Cat Co 1 beach brings to you.

Cat Co 1 beach is the largest and most beautiful beach with a white smooth sandy stretch, so this beach is always the most crowded tourist site among three beaches. This place is a stopover of tourists to soak in cool water and contemplate the romantic views of the cove.

Cat Co Beach 2

Unlike Cat Co 1 beach, Cat Co 2 beach owns a quiet, peaceful beauty where you can wander around the beach to take the cool sea breezes and see the sunset. It is very suitable for those who like quiet space. Cat Co 2 is such a perfect destination to escape from the bustle and hustle of the city, although it is a small beach. The beach is surrounded by the mountain range, covered by a clear blue sky which makes the beach become enchanting.

Being on the list of one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, Cat Co 2 promises to provide visitors with a unique experience that does not exist in anywhere else. You drop yourself on the smooth white sandy beach, listen to the whispering waves, inhale the fresh air of the line of the green trees, that are just enough to get rid of the dust and sorrow in your tired heart.

Cat Co Beach

Cat Co Beach

Cat Co Beach 3

Cat Co 3 beach is the newest tourist attraction of Cat Co cove. Cat Co 3 with the modern appearance is entirely different from the two remaining Cat Co beaches. Cat Co 3 beach is vibrant with luxury hotels directly to the sea and the modern resort with full facilities. The waves here are quite strong, so this beach is very suitable for sea bathing or diving.

The sunset and dawn in Cat Co are always the two best moments in a day where the scene here becomes the most beautiful and gorgeous. It is the moment when the sky crosses, illuminating the weak yellow sunbeams on the corners of the beach; it is also time you can drop your soul into the idyllic beach and enjoy the best moment of the day. Do not forget to enjoy seafood at Cat Co after a good day swimming and diving in the blue sea water of this cove.

Whatever is Cat Co beach 1, 2 or 3, what Cat Co cove bringing for tourists is still the pure natural beauty of Cat Ba island. Cat Co cove of Cat Ba island has fascinated many travelers that deserve with its nickname "the heaven on earth." So if you go to Cat Ba, do not forget to visit Cat Co cove via Halong Bay tour. If you need further information about this attraction, please contact us. Thank you!