Discover Mong Cai- A Vibrant Border City

Discover Mong Cai- A Vibrant Border City

Mong Cai is one of four cities in Quang Ninh province with a special position. It is adjacent to the sea, sharing the common borderline with China both on land and sea. Mong Cai is well-known for the busiest commercial center in the north, however, that doesn’t mean shopping is the only choice for you. This young city has so many things for you to explore.

Shopping at the local markets

First of all, shopping is still one of the most attractive things for travelers to do in Mong Cai. Visiting the central market located on Tran Phu street, you could buy a variety of goods. To other markets such as Mechanical Vinh Co Market, Market No2, Market No3, etc, tourists might be lost in the shopping paradise. Most of the goods are originated from China. Consumer goods, clothing, textiles, appliances, electronics, and Chinese medicines are favored the most.

Markets in Mong Cai used to sell wholesale but recently there are more retail stalls for tourists. The presence of sellers from both Vietnam and China along with foreign tourists creates specific characteristics of the border market area. However, tourists should consider carefully about the prices and qualities of available products.

Mong Cai Market

Mong Cai Market

Exploring the old Vietnamese village in Tra Co

Tra Co is 10 km from the center of Mong Cai city where you can freely discover the peaceful space of a typical Vietnamese village which is nearly 500 years old.

Coming to the village, you can have a chance to visit Tra Co communal house, this is a unique architectural construction, considered a Vietnamese cultural milestone and is the pride of local people. Sophisticated carving arts expressed by carvings such as dragons watching the moon, etc.

Visiting Tra Co on its festival days, from May 30th to June 6th in Lunar calendar, you could watch particular ceremonies and attend folk games such as a cooking contest, boat racing, etc.

Besides that, there are numerous destinations for you to visit in this old village such as Van Linh Khanh pagoda which is called as Buddhist museum of the northeast region, Tra Co church with the classical architectural style and an 80-year-old bell or the old houses with particular characteristics of local people.

Tra Co Church

Tra Co Church

Visiting the tip of S-shape of the nation

The starting point of the S-shape coast of Vietnam is from the pine forest in Tra Co which is called the cape of Sa Vy. This Vietnam’s northeast cape is the first point to write the "S-shape" of the nation. This is a sacred destination for local tourists.

Nearby is Sa Vy Propaganda information Complex. The construction is 27 meters high, 200 meters across, decorated with national cultural symbols such as pine trees and traditional activities. The construction also includes a spacious square and park.

Relaxing on Vietnam longest beach

Located at the cape of the country, Tra Co beach is Vietnam’s longest beach, lengthening 17 kilometers from the cape of Sa Vy at the north to the cape of Ngoc at the south. Like the beaches of Halong Bay, the flawless beach in Tra Co has white flat sand, blue water, and the pine forest stretching as far as the eye can see. In the early morning, getting up early, tourists can go for a walk on the beach and watch fishermen pull nets of fish.

For tourists who favor resting, swimming and seeing natural beauty, Tra Co beach is an ideal place with the pristine and unspoiled natural beauty. Quality of service is constantly improved, thanks to this, the number of tourists is rising day by day. There is no reason to reject the welcome of this beautiful unspoiled beach.

Tra Co beach

Tra Co beach

Walking around the city

At the end of the day, you should go for a walk in the city to explore a new look of Mong Cai. You can visit Mong Cai International Border Gate to contemplate a corner of the city of Dongxing, China, located over Ka Long bridge. Along Hoa Binh avenue, Ka Long bridge is the only stone bridge, constructed in 1964. From here, you could wander along the bustling streets to take the cool wind.

The bustling rhythm of the city continues till the night falls. This is the opening time of night markets with commodity stores and street food stalls serving attractive Chinese dishes from dumplings to porridge and many Vietnamese dishes.

Only 200 kilometers from Halong city, Mong Cai is a highlight in Quang Ninh tourism with a lot of special tourist products beside Halong Bay attraction. Let’s go to check the beauty of the “S-shape starting point” land. If you need more information about the tour of Mong Cai city, let’s contact us via Halong Bay tour. Thank you and have a nice trip!