6 Reasons for visiting Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a familiar name to international tourists recently, it has been gloriously introduced by Business insider- a prestigious magazine from America- by the title "See why Vietnam's Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places on the planet". that's not all, the Globalgrasshopper, a travel site from the United Kingdom ranked Halong Bay as 1 of 10 most beautiful bay in the world in 2015. This article will explain why you should definitely travel Halong. 

Limestone formation seems to go on forever

Apart from the spectacular karst cave system, visitors are also impressed with the thousands of islands shaped in various forms. Featured by nearly 2,000 large and small island, the bay is really a perfect combination of mountain and ocean. 980 islands in the bay are named, most of them are called after the shapes, historical stories, and folk legends.

Fishing village in Halong Bay

The bay is not only a tourist attraction but also home to floating villages here hundreds of people are living and earning from the sea. The community of Fishing Villages in Halong bay is an attractive destination for travelers while cruising in Halong to experience the daily life with living activities on the bay. We highly recommend you to choose Dragon cruises Halong Bay for a truly visit to floating villages in your coming journey to Halong.

Cong Dam Fishing Village

Coming to Cong Dam fishing village, tourists can join a guided kayak tour to see stunning seascape on the area around, try fishing with local experienced fishermen. The first thing that visitors find in the fishing village is a picture located far away from the center, where it preserves almost intact traditional culture of fishermen for hundreds of years.

Cua Van - Van Gia Fishing Village

Cua Van fishing village has been listed on the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world (2012) by Journeyetc.com travel website. In Cua Van floating village, there are more than 300 households earn their living mainly by fishing. The households here set up the floating houses along the edge of the stone islands.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Bai Tu Long and the Vung Vieng Fishing Village is off the beaten tourist track as it is not so near to the popular Cat Ba Island which has lodging, beaches and nearby caves where most of the large tour companies and boats operate; besides, Vung Vieng area belongs to Vung Ha island group, which is located in the absolute protected zone of Halong Bay. Previously, the area is inhabited by thousands of fishermen with beautiful natural scenery, where many cultures of Halong.

Sleeping on cruise

This way, you will be able to admire the bay closer up and in quite a special way. The halong cruise boat in question range from diesel-powered junks as well as higher standard cruisers. The junks are less expensive compared to cruisers but keep in mind that they are usually small and no sleeping-on-board service is offered.

Despite the rapid development of accommodation services as well as plenty of attractive promotions from luxurious hotels many visitors still recommend to spend a night on board. By this, you will take a closer look at Halong Bay, feeling the fresh air in the morning, doing Taichi on halong bay cruise, seeing how it is glowing under the sunset, how peaceful it is at night, and having dinner in caves.

Discover Hidden Grottos and Caves

In Halong Bay, there are nearly 2000 islands which are covered by tropical forests and marked by the outcrop mountains. Among thousands of jungle-covered peaks dramatically rising out of the water, there are always picturesque hidden Halong Bay cave, isolated grottos, off-the-beaten-tracks underground chambers for your own. You could hire a rowboat to explore those hidden gems, like Thien Cung (Thiên Cung) Cave, known as Heavenly Palace Cave, which is well-known for its stalagmites and stalactites, and Dau Go Cave (Hang Đầu Gỗ), which is known as the Cave of Wonders.

Dining in the cave

Among all the activities in Halong Bay, enjoying a cozy dinner in a cave decorated luxuriously is an activity that many visitors consider the most impressive memory in this World Heritage site.

Shining candles lit the path leading you deep into the cave, where the table was prepared perfectly. This is a special spiritual gift for couples who are in love, happy couples or a group of travelers who want to enjoy a luxurious dinner.

A few cruises offer this service on their trips and the members of crews will prepare a delicious and delightful dinner in the cave. After a day of exploring, maybe, a romantic meal in melodious music tune, looking over the sea with your significant partner is the best spa course for you.

Warning: You may not try this kind of experience if you take a halong bay day trip alone.


If you do not discover, experience kayak on the romantic Halong Bay, your adventure is considered incomplete. The kayak is also known as "hunter boat" as its name when kayaking on the bay. Halong visitors can explore every corner, every cave you want in the Bay. Admittedly, kayak brings a lot of interesting for visitors.

A kayak's maximum capacity is 2 people

When kayaking it is best to wear the swimsuit

Life-jacket is a must

Kayaking is quite dangerous for people who cannot swim.

You can go to Bau, Luon, Ba Ham, Hang Co caves ... by kayak

Be alert of dropping phones, cameras into the water

When sailing through caves that have low ceiling you'd better lie on the boat and use hands to row the boat (absolutely no sailing).

Rent 150k / 1 hour

Available for rent at any pier or island

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